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The Ultimate Guide to Effective Business Signs: Design and Impact

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The right business signs can help you draw attention, increase foot traffic, and grow sales. However, achieving any of these goals requires perfecting the design of your sign. In this comprehensive guide to business signs, we look at six design factors that can make a world of difference. Plus, we’ll tell you what impact they have.

6 Factors for Effective Business Sign Design (and Their Impact)

1. Colors Are More Than Just Colors

Color isn’t just a design choice; it has the power to impact moods and drive actions. Color psychology is a complex science itself, but the most important thing to know is that colors evoke different emotions.

How to Do it Right: Choose your colors wisely based on the emotions you want to instigate, and then consider how to use contrast to your advantage for the background and text colors.

Signage Impact on Business: Signs that match your branding will positively impact brand recognition, maximizing sign impact. High contrast also makes the sign easier to read.

2. Choose Fonts Wisely

Font style should be easy to read and consistent with your brand’s identity. Again, the fonts you use should reflect your brand and business.

How to Do it Right: Stick to simple, san-serif fonts that match your branding. Swoopy, cursive fonts may look attractive on paper, but they’re best avoided on signage, as they are difficult to read from afar.

Signage Impact on Business: When you have just seven seconds to make an impression, easily consumed content is important! San-serif fonts make signs easy to read, ensuring effective business sign design.

3. Pay Attention to Size and Scale

The size of your sign should fit with its surroundings. Overlarge signs can look out of place, while undersized signs are a missed opportunity.

How to Do it Right: Break out the tape measure to learn more about your space. Create digital mock-ups to see what size works best.

Impact on Business: The farther away it can be seen, the more effective your business sign’s design is.

4. Materials Matter

Materials affect the appearance, longevity, and cost of your sign. Some are more suited for indoor use, while others are for outdoor use.

How to Do it Right: Use weather-resistant materials like aluminum for outdoor signs and sleek acrylics for indoor signs. Also, consider different materials to see how they impact the sign’s visual appeal.

Impact on Business: Quality materials will lessen the sign’s maintenance demands, ensuring a hassle-free ownership experience for you. Material choice also impacts what people think of your business, so choose wisely.

5. Spotlight Your Business with Lighting

Illumination has a big impact on visibility, appeal, and ambience. Fortunately, there are lots of configuration options to choose from, such as front-lit, back-lit, halo-lit, and more.

How to Do it Right: Use a digital mock-up to see how different types of lighting affect your sign’s appearance and the surroundings. Ensure you get LED lighting, as that will help keep energy bills low.

Impact on Business: Penn State found that people can see illuminated signs from farther away, in darkness, and during inclement weather, which maximizes the impact of a sign.

Bring Your Dream Business Signs to Life

Now that you’ve got the comprehensive guide to business signs, you need to find the right sign company. Luckily, Vibrant Sign Studio is the go-to partner for stunning signs and a seamless signage experience in Miami. Book a free consultation and bring your vision to life!

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