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Automotive Signs

In the United States, the automotive industry is huge and highly competitive. In terms of production and sales, the US is actually considered to be one of the largest automobile markets in the world. So to stand out from competition and stay on top of the market, your business is going to need as much help as you can.

Getting yourself impressive and impactful automotive signs is a great move for business owners like you. When done right, automotive signs help you get noticed by your target audience, they enhance positive customer experience, and reinforce your brand identity…and all these ultimately help boost your business.

Vibrant Sign Studio is a trusted local signage provider that specializes in catering to the needs of the automotive business. Automotive signs come in different shapes, sizes, substrates, and signage types, and we are equipped with the technical know-how, technology, and talent to deliver the exact signs that you need. Whether you’re looking for outdoor signs, indoor signs, pole signs, LED signs, vinyl banners, flags or other signs, we’re here for you.

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Lighted and Illuminated Automotive Signs

Catching your market’s attention is very important in standing out among the competition. With lighted and illuminated outdoor signage, you have the opportunity to advertise your brand day and night. And by introducing your brand to the people who are most likely to avail themselves of the services and products you offer, you make it easier for your business to attract customers in through your doors.

But illuminated signs’ benefits aren’t just limited to the outdoors, having them inside your establishment elevates your business’s appeal. Backlit lobby signs, lighted informational signs, and lightbox signs add both illumination and sophistication to your business, and these contribute to giving your customers a positive customer experience.

Vibrant Sign Studio has a vast selection of lighted signs, illuminated signs, and even LED signs for businesses in the automotive industry. From pole signs, to building or fascia signs, to dimensional letters, to wall signs, to message boards, and even to lighted exit signs, Vibrant Sign Studio has you covered.

custom digital pole sign
Attractive Indoor Dealership Signage

Versatile Vinyl Signs For All Occasions

In the automotive industry, promotions and announcements are always around…there could be a season sale, a new arrival, a year-end promo, an exhibit, a new financing opportunity. And wherever there’s a promotion, there’s always space for high-quality promotional signage.

Vinyl is among the most popular materials of choice for promotional signs in automotive businesses. Affordable, durable, and easy to produce, vinyl can be used to make promotional banners, flag signs, retractable banners, mesh banners, glass and window stickers, vehicle wraps, and even signboards. You simply can’t go wrong with professionally made vinyl signs.

Vibrant Sign Studio is also equipped with state-of-the-art large-scale printers and we can help you by bringing your designs to life in full-color digital prints. If you don’t have designs yet, don’t worry about it! We are full-service sign company and we have a team of talented graphic artists who specialize in strategic sign design. Vibrant Sign Studio can walk with you through the entire sign-making process…from design all the way to maintenance and repair!

Car Wraps and Vehicle Decals

If there’s anything that can help a customer decide whether or not they should purchase an automobile, it’s a test drive. Give your customers the opportunity to bond with your product, to get the feel of it, to understand how it runs…let them know how it feels to own the product, and the chances of you selling your products automatically increase.

Getting your product to look very attractive and appealing further increase your chances of making a sale. This is where car wraps and vehicle decals come in. These increase the visual impact and aesthetic appeal of your products, but they also do more than just that. Car wraps protect the vehicles from minor scratches and chips, and they also convert your vehicles into mobile advertising tools that allow you to take your brand with you wherever you travel.

Here at Vibrant Sign Studio, we deliver highly personalized car wraps for your business at a very reasonable cost. Our team takes care of installing, removing, and replacing your wraps, and can even help you get the best design for your fleet.

custom full car wrap
Full Service Sign Company

Full-Service Sign Company

From the passive assistance indoor signs provide to the advertising advantages of vehicle wraps, automotive signs are definitely tools that your business needs to grow and expand. But not just any automotive sign will do, you need to make sure that the signs you use are effective and actually make an impact. And this is why it’s important that you partner with a reputable and reliable sigs provider like Vibrant Sign Studio.

Vibrant Sign Studio has been in the sign industry for a long time and our years in the business have taught us the techniques and strategies in creating the sign designs, sourcing out the best materials, selecting the most ideal sign types, fabricating the signage, and installing them to ensure visibility. This is why we are very confident in the quality of service that we offer our clients, and we’re excited to deliver the best service to you as well. We look forward to working closely with you through every step of the sign-making process.

Free Automotive Signs Consultation​

In the automotive business, signages that impact and impress are excellent investments. Whether it’s exterior signage, indoor signs, promotional signs, car wraps, informational signs, or directional signs, your business’s signages have the potential to help you get more customers, provide better service, and ultimately increase your bottom line.

If you’re curious about the impact of automotive signs on your business and how Vibrant Sign Studio can contribute to that, just give us a call or drop by our office and we’ll have our most experienced sign specialist discuss things with you in details.

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