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Wall Graphics

Custom Wall Graphics Design & Installation Services in Miami

Looking for new ways to breathe new life into your business space? Transform any room or area with vibrant, eye-catching wall murals & graphics today.

Have you ever walked into a new business and been immediately impressed by a beautiful art installation? Do you ever wish your business’s lobby or space was more creative, engaging, and memorable? 

Many businesses do not take full advantage of the space that their office or brick-and-mortar store offers them. While exterior signage draws customers, clients, and guests into the building, interior signage is what engages them and creates a lasting impression. Wall murals are a memorable interior sign solution that will set you apart from your competitors.

With images, graphics, and lettering cleverly designed into an impactful mural, you can inspire a creative environment for your employees and produce a memorable user experience for your customers. Anyone who walks through your front doors will be instantly enthralled with this artistic expression of your business’s branding. 

Are you ready to transform your business and take it to the next level?


Wall Graphics for Events & Offices

Wall graphics and murals are custom vinyl adhesives that are applied to any wall space. Custom wall murals are printed on vinyl sheets with an adhesive backing. They’re usually installed partially or as a whole to create the design you need. Wall decals and graphics, on the other hand, are smaller pieces that are put together to create your desired look

Vibrant Sign Studio manufactures high-quality, unique vinyl wall murals and graphics that will definitely wow customers and guests.

Ideal for organizational use, vinyl graphics add color and excitement to a blank, boring wall, can transform a plain hallway into a lesson on the story of your organization, or can proudly display your logo in your office reception.

Regardless of your specific size, placement, or purpose, from bathroom hand-washing signs to inspiring wall graphics in break rooms, our professionals design, produce, and professionally install the perfect signage elements for your business. Whether you already have a wall wrap design all planned out, or a blank wall that could be more eye-catching, our professional and skilled team of Miami signage experts can advise you with transforming the walls and floors of your facility into brand-building custom art.

For wall decal printing services in Miami, trust that our team can deliver. Call Vibrant Sign Studio at (786) 481-0642 for a Free Consultation!

Benefits of Wall Graphics and Decals

Wall graphics offer a variety of benefits for your business. Here are a few examples:

  1. There are different types of wall graphics that you can choose from. These can all be customized to match your specific needs.
  1. Visual appeal. Blank walls leave customers and employees uninspired. Vibrant wallpaper muralscan make any room or space come alive.
  1. Office wall decals let you add various branding elements around your space, perfect for building more awareness for your brand.

Complete Design Control

Business wall graphics and murals are digitally printed. This provides endless design possibilities, ideal for customizing your business space.

Our company custom produces wall graphics exclusively made for your organization, brand, and commercial space. We use high-impact, high-quality vinyl to produce attractive branded wall graphics and lettering that deliver any message, feeling, or story you wish. With breathtaking, large-format landscape murals to separate wall decals that deliver a message, we supply the signs you have been dreaming of. Whether you want to add images, landscapes, or 3D wall murals, we can create the right designs for you.

Looking to update your graphics? We can help! Our removable wall graphics can be removed anytime and returned back to your plain, undamaged surface, or fitted with new graphics to reflect the most current business promotions, branding, or special events.

Full-Service Corporate Wall Graphics Company for Miami, FL

Not set on a design? Your search is over! Our expert team of Miami, FL sign and graphic designers assist with all aspects of sign and graphic design. We take care of every single step of the sign and graphic fabrication process, supporting you from graphics design to installation in your facility. If needed, we can even perform an on-site evaluation, including measurements to ensure proper fit.

Vibrant Sign Studio uses high-quality vinyl materials, which means you can be positive that your vinyl graphics will be durable and impactful with a professional finish.

Look forward to vibrant interior wall murals that last! Contact us today and let us help turn your vision into a reality.

Professional Vinyl Graphics Installers

Self-installation of your custom graphics is possible, however, for professional results and a smooth finish, trust an experienced vinyl graphics installer to place your finished artwork. Full vinyl sheets can be difficult to work with, at times which results in tears, cracks, or crinkles leaving an unprofessional overall appearance.

With Vibrant Sign Studio, if there are any problems that happen during our professional installation, including damage to your wall graphics, we will replace them free of charge, as opposed to problems experienced due to installing your graphics yourself.

Let our expert wall graphics installers take care of your signage installation today!

custom school wall mural

Free Wall Graphics Services Consultation in Miami

Our experienced staff is motivated to supply the ideal sign and graphic products for your business. Our desire is to emerge as your go-to Miami wall graphics partner for all your custom business signage demands. With an extended assortment of sign and graphic services and products, we assure your facility is always looking attractive, professional, and equipped to make it easier for the new visitors your signage will attract consistently.

Call Vibrant Sign Studio at (786) 481-0642 for a Free Consultation with a Wall Graphics Expert!