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Exterior Signs

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Outdoor signage may be a common sight for us every single day. And because we can find them practically everywhere we go, we often forget just how effective they are at helping businesses grow. In a study conducted here in the US, around 80% of consumers admit to walking inside a new business just because of its exterior signs. By investing in attractive and impressive outdoor signs for your business, you’re one step closer to higher customer footfall and increased bottom-line!

custom lighted signs

As a full-service signs company that specializes in effective outdoor signage, Vibrant Sign Studio is committed to helping all business types get noticed and get remembered by potential customers…and we’re excited to do exactly that for you! We are experts at designing, printing, fabricating, installing, and even repairing exterior signage like dimensional letters, building signs, pole signs, pylon signs, monument signs, hanging signs, flags, banners, storefront signs, yard signs, and even vehicle wraps.

We have successfully handled projects for numerous clients here in the Miami area, each with their own unique business needs, preferences, and ideas. We at Vibrant Sign Studio know what it’s like to work with clients from start to finish. If you already have a concept for your outdoor signs or a style sheet for your brand, we’d be delighted to work along with your branding guidelines and deliver signs that are perfect for your establishment.

If you need us to start from scratch, that’s not a problem either! Our team of signage specialists is prepared to custom-craft signs that use your logo, business name, branding colors so that they complement your brand identity, your target market, your location, and even your budget.

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Storefront & Building Signs

custom outdoor building signs

Storefront signs serve as your establishment’s face to the world, and effective ones are the perfect tools for giving your business a great first impression. To have effective storefront signs, it’s crucial that you take your sign type, design, placement, location, climate, and target market into consideration during the sign selection and sign creation process.

Having been in the sign business for a long time, Vibrant Sign Studio completely understands that selecting the ideal storefront signs for one’s establishment is no easy feat. And this is precisely why we’re passionate about helping businesses like yours choose storefront signs that bring results. We want to deliver you the signs that suit your business best.

And we do this by having a good grasp of what your business is about, what your needs are, where you are located, what market you cater to, what you expect to achieve with your storefront signs, and other pertinent details. Using the details that we gather, we make smart recommendations and suggestions on what signs work best for you.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

Custom storefront dimensional letters

As a widely popular outdoor sign choice, channel letters and dimensional letters are options that many businesses find compelling and impressive. Here at Vibrant Sign Studio, we customize every channel letter order according to the design, finish, and appeal that best suits your brand. The materials, substrates, fonts, design, and accessories that we use to create your signage are carefully chosen to complement your branding guidelines.

Channel letters and dimensional letters by Vibrant Sign Studio add a touch of modernity, professionalism, and class that draws people into your location and introduces them to the kind of services/products that you offer. We craft them so that they clearly convey your brand to passing pedestrians and drivers. We at Vibrant Sign Studio offer only the best service and excellent customer support during the entire sign-making process.

Our channel letters and dimensional letters are perfect for all types of businesses, especially ones looking for flexible and customizable exterior signage options.

Lighted Signs

Exterior Signs neon lighted custom sign e1559753324660 300x209

For a business that wants to be noticed and remembered at all times and in all weather conditions, lighted signs by Vibrant Sign Studio can be the perfect solution. When your outdoor signs are illuminated, you practically have advertising tools right at your location, promoting your brand and drawing in potential customers 24/7.

Here at Vibrant Sign Studio, we offer a variety of lighted sign options to choose from. Whether you need backlit, front lit, or illuminated signs, we have what you need. We offer channel letters, dimensional letters, neon-style LED signs, illuminated sign boxes, and even electronic sign boards.

Highly eye-catching and highly impactful, lighted signs are perfect for getting people to notice your business even during the night time. They are a popular option for business such as cinemas, theatres, restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, nightclubs, and retail stores.

Custom Sign Panels

custom storefront sign panel

Constructed from rigid and highly durable substrates, sign panels are digitally printed and installed at a business’s storefront. They can display a variety of information, depending on the industry. Some have basic business information on them (business name, logo, contact details), while others also include slogans, images, products, services, etc. Inexpensive, customizable, and highly durable, sign panels are a practical choice for outdoor signage.

Here at Vibrant Sign Studio, the sign panels that we deliver can be made using a wide selection of materials and substrates. For long-term use, we make them using wood, metal, dibond, etc., while corrugated plastic, foam PVC, and vinyl can be used short-term signage projects. Vibrant Sign Studio is also fully equipped with the machinery, knowledge, and experience to create sign panels fully customized to suit your branding, business goals, location, target audience, and budget.

Sign panels allow businesses to give their target audience an introduction to their brand through a personalized and highly versatile outdoor signage. Durable and inexpensive, sign panels are prevalent among service centers, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, repair shops, and small businesses.

Canopy & Awning Signs

custom awning sign

Canopy signs and awning signs are well known for their exciting and effective use of both aesthetics and functionality in promoting brands. They are perfect for businesses looking to deliver positive customer experience and an unforgettable first impression.

The canopies and awnings that we create here at Vibrant Sign Studio usually have business information printed on them, giving your business the visibility it needs and inviting people into your space.

Canopy signs and awning signs make great storefront signs for businesses that want to emanate the feeling to exclusivity and specialty. These businesses could include art galleries, jewelry stores, restaurants, salons, parlors, etc.

Monument Signs

custom foam monument sign

Monument signs exude a sense of permanence, strength, and stability, and these are things that some businesses are aiming for. Here at Vibrant Sign Studio, we produce imposing and long-lasting monument signs using robust materials like stone, concrete, metal, and wood. We then etch, carve, sandblast your business information on them.

We at Vibrant Sign Studio are committed to giving our clients the signage that they deserve and the attention that their business needs. We personalize monument signs and add important innovations such as digital boards, lights, and other accessories.

Placed in front of business establishments, by the roadside, monument signs are eye-catching and make a great first impression. They are quite popular with hospitals, government offices, schools, universities, corporate buildings, churches, resorts, and hotels.

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

custom digital pole sign

If there’s anything pole signs and pylon signs offer than many other outdoor signs cannot, it’s the ability for one’s business to be seen and noticed from far away. Highly visible and highly durable, pole and pylon signs by Vibrant Sign Studio are worth the investment if your business is looking to attract and impress potential customers even at a distance.

Here at Vibrant Sign Studio, we make our pole and pylon signs in all types, shapes, sizes, materials, etc., because we know just how important it is for one’s signage to complement their branding style and business personality. Our talented team of sign experts are also very willing to help you use such tall and stately signage to your business’s advantage, especially if you don’t have a road-fronting location.

Not only are pole signs and pylon signs highly effective in giving your business the visibility that you need every day, they are also great for staying visible even in the night time. They are perfect for gasoline stations, shopping centers, car dealerships, restaurants, office buildings, and other businesses.

Complete Exterior Signage Provider

Custom frosted privacy film

According to statistics, almost 70% of consumers in the US believe that a business’s signage is a reflection of the quality of its services or products. Whether we like it or not, consumers are judging our company by its cover every single day; and if we want to make a great impression, the best place to start would be our outdoor signage.

Exterior signs are tools used to draw people’s attention to your business, to inform them about the quality of your work, products, or services, and to let them know that you have the solution to their needs. And if your outdoor signage can’t convince them to step inside your establishment, you can’t expect your business to grow. You don’t need generic, off-the-shelf outdoor signs; you need custom-crafted ones that clearly speak your brand and get the job done.

And that’s precisely what we deliver here at Vibrant Sign Studio. We’re not just a sign shop; we are a single-source signage provider that handles all aspects of the sign-making process. From consultation, to design, to printing, to fabrication, to installation, and even to repair, we’ve got you covered.

Vibrant Sign Studio has been a trusted signs provider here in Miami for many years, and we think this is because we give our clients the signs that they need. We have a wide selection of outdoor sign options that they can choose from, and we custom-craft all types of signs including channel letters, dimensional letters, lighted signage, sign panels, canopies and awnings, monument signs, pole signs, pylon signs, vinyl banners, LED signs, A-frames, hanging signs, vehicle wraps, and many more.

Here are more exterior signage options that we offer:

If you think your business needs other types of signs as well, we can help you! As a full-service Miami signage provider, we also offer indoor signs, temporary signs, vinyl signs, custom signs, vehicle wraps, marketing collateral, etc. When it comes to signage solutions, we have what you need!

Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

custom outdoor dimensional signs

Vibrant Sign Studio has been in the Miami sign industry for many years now, and we’re proud of the many successful projects we’ve handled for numerous business owners here. We believe that an essential ingredient to our success is our policy to work closely with every client during the entire sign-making process. We work closely with them from consultation all the way to installation.

Here’s how it works. If you currently have a concept, plan, or design for your outdoor sign ready, our talented team of sign specialists are prepared to bring your ideas to life. We use the best signage materials and the most effective techniques to provide you with signage that complement your brand, company vision, location, target market, and budget.

If you feel like you still need help with sign design or concept, we have a design team ready to assist you. They work closely with you and study exactly what outdoor sign works best for your business. Our team also assists in securing permits for outdoor signage.

Here at Vibrant Sign Studio, we are committed to providing you with the commercial signage solutions that you need…and you can get that without having to jump from one sign shop to the next. We want to be your one-stop sign and graphics shop. We do all of our work done here in our Miami facility, which makes it easier for you to drop by and check on the progress. We also make sure that everything we produce for you passes your standards as well as ours.

When it comes to sign installation, this part of the process can either be done by you or by our team of professional sign installers. However, it would depend on what you prefer as well as how complicated the sign installation process is. Should you wish to have the installation done by our team, then we can assure you that only the best signage service will be provided.

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

Miami Sign Company LogoVibrant Sign Studio is a Miami-based signs provider that’s passionate about creating the most attractive and most effective outdoor signs. We want to help contribute to your business success story, and we can by providing you with exterior signs that get you noticed, get you remembered, and get you higher customer footfall. We’re excited to be your local outdoor signs provider!

Call Vibrant Sign Studio at (305) 363-2182 for a Free Consultation with an Exterior Sign Specialist!