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A booming population, a high-profile culture, and plenty of profitable industries all make Miami one of the most competitive marketing environments in the country. Just like when young men and women from the Midwest travel here to pursue their dream jobs, companies of all kinds strive to solidify their name among the stars. One of the first steps towards achieving that goal is creating a memorable visual marketing campaign. This largely starts with custom outdoor signs.

Outdoor signage may be a common sight for us every single day. And because we can find them practically everywhere we go, we often forget just how effective they are at helping businesses grow. In a study conducted here in the US, around 80% of consumers admit to walking inside a new business just because of its exterior signs. By investing in attractive and impressive outdoor signs for your business, you’re one step closer to higher customer footfall and increased bottom-line!

custom lighted signs

At Vibrant Sign Studio, we tout an extensive background in outdoor business signage production. We understand what it takes to make it in this city. Our reputation as a leading outdoor sign company in Miami precedes us.

Once you partner with us, you’ll gain a reliable long-term extension of your marketing team that’s dedicated to your success

Miami Outdoor Store Signs

Make Your Brand Come Alive

custom outdoor building signs

Exterior business signage is often the first chance you get to make an impression on your local audience. We have state-of-the-art technology and years of experience in the sign-making industry. We blend artistry and branding to create unforgettable exterior shop signage solutions.

Our outdoor business signs go beyond generic storefront and building signs. We collaborate with every client to create exterior signs that make a spectacle, have energy, and make bold statements in the Miami business landscape. In a city synonymous with creativity and imagination, we always strive to live up to that reputation. Through sheer skill and unmatched ingenuity, we’ll make your brand come alive as well as give it the credibility and visibility it deserves.

Our business signs are seen all over Miami, and our clients come from all industries and walks of life. Each of our custom exterior signs is a production, and your brand is the star of the show.

LED Signs

Custom Out door signs

Capture Attention in an Instant

We have all seen Downtown Miami or the Miracle Mile Street at night, whether in movies or in person. Close your eyes right now and try to picture it. What you’ll likely see in front of your mind’s eye is a sea of bright neon-style LED outdoor signs lighting up a vibrant street full of people.

There is a reason the most famous party streets in the United States are full of LED signs. Custom outdoor

lighted signs are the perfect way to capture attention. The vitality of pulsating saturated colors illuminating the night is unmistakable and creates an air of excitement and possibility. Even if your establishment isn’t situated in busy areas like Calle Ocho or Brickell, you may want to make your business stand out and set it apart from others. LED signs can be the ideal solution to do just that, and we can help you with that.

At Vibrant Sign Studio, creating colorful and vibrant neon-style LED signs for businesses is our forte. Count our team of experts to create the ideal LED sign for you.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

Stylish and Modern All the Way

There is a reason so many prestigious companies like law firms, insurance companies, as well as architectural firms use channel letters or dimensional signs. These big custom signs exude class,

Custom storefront dimensional letters

quality, and prominence. Channel letters resemble an engraving. A company that installs channel signage knows its value and isn’t afraid to display it.

At the same, a dimensional business sign is stylish, modern, as well as dynamic. You may find it at your local yoga studio, beauty salon, or free-trade coffee shop.

If those are qualities you associate with your business, then channel letters or dimensional signage might be what you are looking for. Whether made from brass, stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, or acryl—we can cut or cast channel signs or dimensional letters from any material to fit your company’s message and style as well as your budget.

Ready to give our channel letters, dimensional letters, or exterior signs a try? Call Vibrant Sign Studio today!

Canopy & Awning Signs

custom awning sign

Canopy signs and awning signs are well known for their exciting and effective use of both aesthetics and functionality in promoting brands. They are perfect for businesses looking to deliver positive customer experience and an unforgettable first impression.

The canopies and awnings that we create here at Vibrant Sign Studio usually have business information printed on them, giving your business the visibility it needs and inviting people into your space.

Canopy signs and awning signs make great storefront signs for businesses that want to emanate the feeling to exclusivity and specialty. These businesses could include art galleries, jewelry stores, restaurants, salons, parlors, etc.

Monument Signs

High Quality, Highly Visibility

Is your business located in the Miami area, and are looking for outdoor business signs? Or maybe you’re simply trying to make your business easier to find? A free-standing sign or monument sign

custom foam monument sign

is your best bet in this regard. A monument sign from Vibrant Sign Studio can serve as a distinctive navigational tool that passersby will notice and remember.

A monument sign is free-standing, and it rests at ground level outside of a building. Besides helping customers, patients, or clients find your establishment, this type of outdoor store sign will add a classy, professional appearance. You can also add internal or external illumination for enhanced nighttime visibility.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team of experts today, and we’ll make your dreams come true!


Storefront & Building Signs

Bring Your Exterior to Life

Your storefront signage is your first (and possibly the only) opportunity to make a great impression. So don’t bottle it!custom outdoor building signs

As the leading exterior signage company in Miami and beyond, we understand that choosing the perfect storefront sign can be a huge challenge. So many factors often come into play, including placement, type, location, style, as well as the target market. But we want you to know that we are here to help you choose the right business signage for your establishment.

At Vibrant Sign Studio, we pay careful attention to what you need, what you’re aiming for, where you are, who your competition is, as well as what your target market is like. We then use this information to custom-craft storefront signage that increases foot traffic and advertises your business from miles out.


Custom Sign Panels

Leave a Lasting Impact from the Get-Go

A well-produced, carefully placed outdoor business sign can tell a lot about your business. A custom sign panel, for instance, underlines your creativity and confidence. It also gives orientation to

custom storefront sign panel

your customers or clients and instantly raises brand attention. It shows that you’re proud of your business and aren’t merely focused on raking in profits.

At their core, sign panels are solid panels that are affixed directly to your business exterior and can contain as much as little business information as you would like. They can range from simple text to full-color designs and images. Due to their versatility and low cost, sign panels remain a solid signage option for people looking to give their Miami business exterior an injection of verve, energy, as well as uniqueness.

Sign panels can be crafted from acrylic, metal, wood, or PVC, and may even include a lightbox for added intrigue. At Vibrant Sign Studio, we deliver a custom design that is highly specific to your business. We also base it on your budget, visibility needs, unique location, and brand guidelines. From small outdoor signs to large storefront panels, we deliver the perfect sign panel for you. No signage concept is too big, too tiny, or too complex for our experienced team of exterior signs experts.


Pylon Signs

Stand Out from the Crowd

Why go minor on your business sign options when you can go major and reap bigger rewards? Typically huge and with an astounding physical presence, pylon signs are arguably the best way to

custom digital pole sign

get your Miami business noticed from a distance.

Also called pole signs, pylon signs typically receive support from either one or two poles, allowing you to place them by a roadway or wherever else you need to draw attention. Many pylons are two-sided, enabling people to see them from different directions.

Here at Vibrant Sign Studio, we take immense pride in creating pole signs that last and cater to our client’s unique needs. This outdoor business sign is particularly ideal for businesses without road frontage or those near an interstate looking to attract convenience buyers. If that sounds like your brand, reach out to us today.


Lighting is Everything

The right lighting can dramatically change the mood and effect of a new business sign. Finding the right lighting for your business can bring the magic that elevates the sign to something

Custom frosted privacy film


We specialize in custom outdoor lighted signs—neon-style LED signs, illuminated sign boxes, dimensional letters, channel letters, as well as electronic signboards—finding the perfect lighting techniques to bring out the essence and personality of your brand.

Visit our Miami outdoor sign shop to see our work, our process, and get inspired.

Not Sure Which Sign to Choose? Stop by Our Shop!

Maybe you’re not sure which sign is right for your company? Not a problem! As a top-rated Miami sign company, we specialize in all kinds of exterior signs, including lighted signs, dimensional signage, custom sign panels, pylon signs, canopy signage, as well as everything in between. Our custom outdoor sign company is open for in-person consultations. Feel free to stop by, sample some of our previous work, and watch us in action!

Here are more exterior signage options that we offer:


If you think your business needs other types of signs as well, we can help you! As a full-service Miami signage provider, we also offer indoor signs, temporary signs, vinyl signs, custom signs, vehicle wraps, marketing collateral, etc. When it comes to signage solutions, we have what you need!


A Full-Service Exterior Signs Company You Can Trust

Being a full-service sign company is no easy feat, and not a lot of sign providers in Miami are up for the challenge. Vibrant Sign Studio is, and we’re ready to support you throughout the entire

custom outdoor dimensional signs


We are all about top-notch professional signs that promote brands, increase footfall, as well as boost bottom lines…and that’s exactly what we want to do for you. As an established outdoor signs Miami provider, Vibrant Sign Studio has a vast range of solutions for your business, and we want to be your single-source provider for all your signage needs.

Contact Vibrant Sign Studio today at (786) 384-5110 for your Free Consultation with one of our exterior signs experts!