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Wall Murals Miami

Printing Wall Murals & Wallpaper in Miami, FL

The way your office space looks can significantly affect how people feel and behave. Building a positive and comfortable environment doesn’t just benefit your customers. It also benefits your company in the long run. If you’re looking to transform your space, invest in custom wall murals in Miami.

Wall graphics and murals are different designs custom-printed on vinyl sheets with an adhesive backing. These are used to cover wall surfaces as an alternative to paint.

These are digitally printed, giving you a wide range of design possibilities. Wallpaper murals let you add different designs, from images, to text, and graphics. You can even add artwork to your walls using these signs.

Vibrant Sign Studio provides impactful, custom vinyl wall murals and graphics that are sure to wow customers and guests.

Excellent for business usage, custom murals are capable of turning a plain hallway into a visual story of your business history, can allow you to prominently display your company logo in your office lobby, or add color and excitement to a blank, boring wall.

Regardless of your specific placement, purpose, or size, from attractive lobby signs and graphics to inspiring murals in break rooms, our experts design, produce, and professionally install the perfect signage for your company. Whether starting with a wall mural you can clearly envision, or just a bland place that could be more eye-catching, our professional and fully trained team of Miami experts can easily support you with transforming the floors, windows, and walls of your business into brand-promoting works of custom art.

Get office wall murals that transform your space and make your business stand out. Call Vibrant Sign Studio at (786) 481-0642 for a Free Consultation with a Wall Mural Expert!


Types of Vinyl Wall Murals

The cost of wall murals depends on the type, design, size, and vinyl material used to create your signs. At Vibrant Sign Studio, we offer a myriad of options that can satisfy your business and budget needs. Here are some of the options you can get for your Miami business:

  1. Full Interior Wall Murals – these are designed to cover the entire wall surface, letting you transform your walls from top to bottom.
  1. Partial Office Wall Murals – these cover specific areas of the wall, perfect when you want to create a focal point to showcase your design.
  1. Wall Decals – these are smaller in size, letting you add patterns and images to create the design you need.

Because these signs are digitally printed, you can add any type of design to decorate your business space. Unsure of where to start? Here are some office mural ideas:

  • A showcase of your products and services
  • Photos displaying company culture
  • Decorative wall murals
  • 3D wall murals
  • Typography

Complete Design Control

One of the benefits of wall murals is having complete control of their design. Vibrant Sign Studio delivers custom wall murals custom made for your company, branding guidelines, and commercial space. Our sign manufacturers use earth-friendly vinyl to produce eye-catching and exciting wall graphics and lettering that showcase any message you wish. From breathtaking, giant environmental murals to individual wall decals that support your goals, we deliver the signs you have been dreaming of.

Want to update your graphics? Great idea! Our custom wall murals are completely removable, so they can be replaced with new graphics any time you want. They can be reverted to your undamaged surface, or rejuvenated with new murals that reflect the most current special events, seasonal changes, or new products.

Whether you need branding signs, marketing images, or decorative 3D wallpaper in Miami, our team can deliver. Talk to us about your design vision today and let’s turn them into reality!

Custom Wall Mural
Miami Wall Murals

Full-Service Wall Murals Company

Don’t have a design in mind? No problem at all! Our team of expert Miami, FL sign and graphic designers will assist with all aspects of design and layout. We handle each and every component of the manufacturing process, supporting you from creative design all the way to high-quality installation in your business. If necessary, we perform on-site signage evaluations, including measuring your walls to ensure your mural fits perfectly in your space.

Vibrant Sign Studio uses sturdy vinyl materials, allowing you to be positive that your wall mural will be show-stopping and in place with an appealing finish. Look forward to long-lasting business wall murals that make your store or office stand out!

Professional Vinyl Mural Installers

You can place your wall mural yourself, however for an attractive finish, you should have a competent vinyl mural installer place your finished artwork. Large sheets of vinyl can be really difficult to work with, now and then leading to crinkles, bubbles, or small rips giving a less-than-professional presence.

When you trust Vibrant Sign Studio, if there are any concerns that develop while performing the installation of your graphics, for instance, damage to your mural, we will replace it free of charge, as opposed to damage that may be experienced in the course of self-installation.

Always look forward to a seamless finish with the help of our wall mural installers in Miami! Contact us today for a free consultation.

custom vinyl mural

Free Wall Mural Consultation in Miami

Our team is determined to furnish the ideal graphic elements for your organization. Our intent is to come to be your go-to Miami sign and graphic provider for all your brand-building signage demands. With a wide catalog of vinyl signs and graphic possibilities, we do whatever it takes to make sure your entire business keeps looking sharp, eye-catching, and excited to help the potential clients your new signage will bring in each day.

Transform your space with wall murals & graphics in Miami and leave a lasting impression on your customers.Call Vibrant Sign Studio at (305) 363-2182 for a Free Consultation with a Wall Mural Expert!