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Dimensional Letters

Dimensional Letters & Logos For Your Miami Brand

Attractive, effective, and irresistible, custom dimensional letters, graphics, and signs are an ideal option for just about any organization that hopes to put together a great initial impression.

Dimensional letters, sometimes known as 3D letters or raised letters, are text or shapes delivering depth and interest to an otherwise bland area. This type of signage is cast, molded, fabricated, or cut from solid material to obtain this effect.

Dimensional lettering offers the perfect solution that all business owners are trying to find: a branded look in and out, bringing in and supporting new clients and customers.

Vibrant Sign Studio will readily testify that branded dimensional signs are a clever solution for virtually any Miami company. It doesn’t matter if you manage a non-profit, church, small business, etc., our dimensional letters will look good both inside and outside of your facility.

We custom produce raised lettering that is purposely developed to be highly visible and also extend your marketing reach. Vibrant Sign Studio also makes sure to use the highest quality supplies you can find so after your dimensional lettering has been installed, you can be confident they will keep building excitement around your business for quite a few years, no stress required.

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Appealing 3D Storefront Signage

Eye-catching and attractive, dimensional letters make an excellent choice for your main storefront sign. They generate dimension and texture to your storefront, generating an attractive and professional impression. The adaptability dimensional letters deliver is also a huge plus. They are usually placed straight to your business storefront, they deliver great value when used with post and panel signs, monument signs, and pole signs. Channel letters are an alternate choice to dimensional letters.

Regardless that 3D letters don’t include illuminated faces, Vibrant Sign Studio can incorporate lighting fixtures, halo lights, or spotlights when installing your signage, so that your lettering is obvious even during the evening. With our custom dimensional lettering, your company attracts attention and your brand message makes an impact.

custom outdoor restaurant signs
Custom dimensional letter lobby sign

Attractive Indoor Dimensional Lettering

Dimensional letters are not just for your exterior; they will also supply your facility a professional mood as branded interior signs. Have them installed next to your waiting area and your corporate branding will be the very first thing your customers recognize the first time they first enter your business. Dimensional lobby signs and logos are extremely versatile, and they can be manufactured from a variety of materials, with upgraded display options including lighting, if desired. Dimensional letters may also be used as wayfinding signage and as other signs and graphics to produce a large influence for gas stations and retail stores.

3D letters, in spite of the name, are not only limited to lettering either! Your signage can consist of images, logos, numbers, or a combination of any different elements you desire placed on the walls of your location. Vibrant Sign Studio’s team of dedicated sign and graphic designers can assist with designing indoor signs, graphics, and images individualized to suit the unique identity and originality of your business. If you want a multidimensional look that definitely makes your branding stand out, Vibrant Sign Studio creates dimensional letters and signage that best speak the values of your brand.

Durable Dimensional Letters

Vibrant Sign Studio manufactures dimensional letters from a lot of different materials and mediums to best suit your brand. Depending on your design and placement, we will choose either light foam, metal, wood, and/or plastic for the key media for your lettering project.

A popular sign material, plastic is often chosen a result of its versatility and includes coroplast, PVC, vinyl, and polycarbonate. The weather-resistance and sturdiness of plastic signage means it is a solid material solution for business exterior dimensional signage and lettering. Metal is a fantastic selection for interior letters mainly because of its sophisticated aesthetic, and is also really long lasting when applied on the outside of your business. Metals commonly used for sign making include bronze, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. A popular choice for large-format, colorful letters, light foam is selected due to the fact it is lightweight, durable, thick, and sturdy. Our professionals can help you settle on the most suitable sign type and materials and mediums to create your preferred finished look within your allowed budget.

custom outdoor dimensional signs

Full-Service Dimensional Logo & Letter Sign Company

Picking the right sign to portray your Miami, FL corporate brand isn’t easy. You will require time, patience, research, experience, and a proven fabrication process. When you trust Vibrant Sign Studio, you can be confident that you will not go through all of this alone. Our team of qualified graphic artists and sign manufacturers will gladly share their know-how to assist you all through the commercial signage construction process.

Vibrant Sign Studio is the only sign and graphic partner you will ever need. Our experts create custom signage designs, we assist you in deciding on the perfect media for your purpose and budget, and we ensure your signs are deliberately placed and installed. Our professionals are only a call away if you should are looking for any type of assistance with your custom signs.

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Vibrant Sign Studio provides practically infinite customization options for your brand graphics and signs. No matter whether you want to get more prospective buyers inside your facility, build your brand, or make your space easier to navigate, our dimensional letters, logos, and images may be the perfect solution for your unique Miami business needs.

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