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Type & Benefits of Using Outdoor Signs for Business

custom outdoor building signs

If you want to promote your business, you can’t go wrong with outdoor signs! They’re a must-have tool to attract customers and offer information about your products or services. But what are the different types of signs, and what can they do for your business? Keep reading to find out.

7 Outdoor Signs That Will Help You Supercharge Your Marketing

1. Outdoor Building Signs

These custom outdoor signs for businesses are ideal for showcasing your business and catching the attention of people passing by. Outdoor building signs can be mounted on the front of the building or above the entrance, and they’re built to withstand harsh weather conditions.

2. A-Frame Signs

Small and portable but still mighty! A-frames (also called sandwich board signs) are easy to set up, making them a popular choice for small businesses. You can place these exterior signs on the sidewalk or outside your store to show off daily deals or specials.

3. Banner Signs

Banners are large and can be hung on walls or fences. They’re commonly used at trade shows or events, and they’re super effective in attracting attention from a distance. Plus, they’re affordable and can be reused, meaning less hassle and more value for you.

4. Channel Letter Signs

If you’re looking for something three-dimensional and illuminated, then channel letter signs are the way to go. They’re great for businesses that operate at night, as they’re easy to read in the dark. They also create a professional image for your business and boost brand awareness.

5. LED Signs

These digital signs display messages or images using LEDs and are commonly used in restaurants, bars, and retail stores. You can customize them to display different messages throughout the day, and they’re one of the most effective means of marketing today.

6. Monument Signs

These large, freestanding exterior signs are typically placed at the entrance of a building or complex. They’re perfect for creating a professional image for your business and boosting brand awareness. Also called architectural signs, you can design them to match your surroundings and your building (such as stone signs, wooden signs, and concrete monument signs).

7. Post and Panel Signs

Last but certainly not least, these cost-effective outdoor signs in Miami are commonly used for showing directions and information. They’re perfect for guiding customers to your business or providing information about your offerings. A lot of our larger clients use them as traffic signs to guide vehicles to parking lots and manage the flow of traffic.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Sign for Your Business Comes Down to This…

When it comes to choosing the right outdoor sign, you should consider the location, message, and audience. Ask what types of signs they are most likely to notice, and then go about customizing them with your branding.

Custom outdoor signs for business can be tailored to fit your brand image and convey your message effectively. It’s why businesses across Miami turn to us for their signs. Book a free consultation with the team at Vibrant Sign Studio to discuss outdoor signs in Miami and start designing the signs of your dreams!

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