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LED Signage Solutions: Standing Out in the Competitive Market

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While they are eye-catching and attractive, how effective are LED signage solutions? Surveys have found LED displays attract up to 400% more views from customers than traditional, static signs.

LED signs are effective marketing tools for differentiating your business in a competitive marketplace. Find out how they help you make an impact and how you can use them in your business.

3 Ways LED Signage Solutions Help You Stand Out

1. Enhance Customer Experience

While many business owners believe the customer experience begins when they walk through your front doors, it actually begins the minute customers interact with any advertising materials for your business. This means that your signage is responsible for creating a memorable experience that entices customers to seek your business out.

Custom LED signs are an excellent way to express your creativity, brand personality, and more. Each of these elements contributes to your customer experience, as engaging videos, images, and graphics inform your target audience who you are and how you can help them.

2. Keep Things Looking Fresh

LED signs offer the advantage of replacing the images, graphics, or videos being displayed as many times as you want. With the click of a button, your signs can become something completely new. This means that while other signage will become familiar, and thus less effective, your signage will continually be turning heads and making an impact.

3. Custom LED Signs Aren’t That Common Right Now

While simple LED boards can be found on storefronts, seeing interactive signs is still a rarity. This means this form of signage is an excellent opportunity to stand out and be a trendsetter for other businesses. With the effectiveness of LED signs for garnering customer attention and the additional benefits that they offer, choosing a custom LED sign is a smart decision.

Install electronic signs to stand out in your community and turn heads! Make sure you work with a full-service signage partner so you don’t have to worry about setting up and managing the sign.

4. Effective LED Marketing Strategies

The sky is the limit with electronic signs. You can display almost any image, video, and/or message. Having endless choices prompts the question, “What should I use my sign for?”

Here are 4 LED marketing strategies you can consider adopting for your business:

  • Show Product Videos: Video walls are great ways to showcase your products and promotions. The Gap, for instance, uses them to model its apparel, highlight sales, and build buzz around the brand.
  • Display Business Information: LED advertising boards (especially scrolling signs) are a great way to display essential information about your business. While your hours of operation are a common option, you can even display things like holiday hours, your website URL, your social media handles, and other exciting messages, like promotions.
  • Preview Trailers: Is your business a hospitality establishment? Consider using videos to advertise upcoming movies, events, guest speakers, product launches, and more. Restaurants can even use them to capture recipes in motion to stir up diners’ appetites!
  • Keep it Simple: Too much visual clutter can make LED advertising boards hard to read because your customers don’t have time to digest what’s on the screen. Include the most important information that will pique the curiosity of your potential customers.

Work With a Top LED Signage Solutions Partner

Electronic signs, such as LEDs, are extremely effective marketing tools for businesses. Pair with an equally effective signage partner, like Vibrant Sign Studio, to deliver high-quality, innovative sign solutions that will make your business stand out.

At Vibrant Sign Studio, we help businesses like yours make their vision of LED signs a reality. Talk to us today.

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