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Transform Your Workplace with Modern and Functional Office Signs


A welcoming, thoughtfully designed office environment is important for employees and visitors alike. Oxford University found that well-designed spaces boost employee productivity by up to 13%. Also, visitors form a positive impression of the business if they find its signage appealing.

Having modern and functional office signs is key to creating an engaging office environment. In this blog, we discuss how the right signs, installed in the right places, can transform your workspace.

Making the All-Important First Impression

The reception area is one of the first touchpoints of your business. If you install clear and attractive reception signs, they can influence the entire visit of your customers by guiding visitors and conveying your branding. Depending on the nature of your industry, you can even use these signs to advertise products and services.

Given that you have only a few seconds to make the right impression, having the right signage is vitally important. After all, poorly designed signage can reflect negatively on your company’s perceived professionalism.

Lobby Signs Serve a Dual Purpose

Reception signs fulfill a dual role: they provide wayfinding information, such as directions and floor numbers and display essential branding elements. A well-designed lobby sign uses your company logo and colors to reinforce your branding. For example, wall murals are a great way to express your creativity, while branded wayfinding signs will help you decorate your space and enhance utility.

Make sure to use the same color palette and design across all your signs. Disjointed designs can make the space look messy and may come across as unappealing.

Display Your Business Name Boldly with Office Signage

The business name sign is one of the first things people will see as they enter your office. Therefore, this sign should be easily readable and strategically placed to be easily visible. Most businesses install them behind the reception desk or just past the entryway.

Businesses typically include the company logo, font, and color scheme to reinforce their brand identity. Another option worth considering is digital signage. These signs allow you to personalize visitor experiences and change the messaging periodically to remain fresh and informative. That said, digital signs are best used in conjunction with a static business name sign.

Creating a Creative Workspace for Employees

Beyond the lobby and reception areas, office signage plays a vital role in creating an engaging environment for employees. Office decor is well documented as having an impact on employee productivity. Inspirational signs can boost employee morale, fostering a healthier culture in the workplace.

Consider adding wall and window murals to common areas to decorate the space. These vinyl signs are extremely cost-effective; this allows business owners to change them routinely and keep the decor fresh and updated.

Work with an Experienced Signage Partner

ADA requirements, interior design, lighting, building by-laws, and more–there’s a lot to consider when it comes to office signage. That’s where an experienced sign team can help. At Vibrant Sign Studio, we are the go-to office and lobby sign team in Miami. Our customers look to us for expert advice and quality signage solutions.

Book a free consultation to discuss your needs with one of our experienced sign professionals today.

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