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The Importance of Proper Sign Installation: Ensuring Durability and Safety

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Proper sign installation plays a quintessential role in prolonging a sign’s lifespan. By correctly installing a sign, you will reduce the maintenance requirements and safety concerns required over time.

In this guide, we will explore further how proper installation impacts sign durability. We’ll also provide tips and tricks on installation best practices from our professional installers.

How Sign Installation Impacts Durability and Safety

Correct installation has a big impact on the structural integrity of the sign. Signs are designed to bear loads in a certain manner. If the sign is installed incorrectly, parts of it will be placed under undue stress. Over time, this can cause the housing to buckle, develop cracks, lead to unexpected gaps, or allow water seepage, which may cause electrical short circuits.

When signs are mounted securely, they pose less of a safety risk. For example, strong wall anchors offer peace of mind to business owners that the sign will not fall on passersby after experiencing an aggressive storm. Similarly, well-concealed wiring prevents people from unexpectedly encountering it, reducing the risk of electrical shocks.

Installation Best Practices for Signage

Whether you are installing a sign yourself or having it installed professionally, here are a few installation best practices youshould know:

  • Preparing the Surface: Ensure the surface is prepared before installing the sign. Uneven surfaces should be smoothed out and cracks in plaster should be filled before anchors are installed.
  • Secure Mounting: Anchors in the wall should be securely mounted on the wall and rated to handle the weight of your sign. Make sure to include headroom in the load rating to accommodate any unexpected changes.
  • Electrical Wiring: Wiring must be compliant with fire safety and electrical codes. Avoid double-tapping electrical connections for signs because if there’s a short in one lighting strip, it will cascade to other circuits as well.

Our Professional Team’s Installation Techniques

The steps involved in installing a sign will vary depending on the type of sign. A vinyl sign, for instance, is relatively easy to install. Simply clean the intended surface, peel the protective backing from the vinyl sign, and apply it.

With larger signs, especially those installed outdoors, the installation techniques area little more complex.

The first step is to survey and prepare the site for the sign. The mounting hardware, or anchor, is then installed. Finally, the sign is hung from the anchor. Once the installation is complete, an assessment should be performed to ensure installation safety and security.

Sign Longevity: How the Little Things Make a Big Difference

The most important factors for sign longevity are manufacturing and materials. Modern production methods and expert craftsmanship ensure signs are produced to a high standard. Little elements, such as modern adhesives, ensure lettering stays for years. Similarly, if quality sealants are used to weather-proof the sign, it’ll be less susceptible to water damage. These small steps can make a significant impact on the sign materials’ ability to perform.

Materials are also a major factor. Quality vinyl sheets, anti-UV coated acrylics, and metals help the sign to last longer. A simple comparison between plastic and metal demonstrates this well. An outdoor storefront sign that uses a plastic housing will discolor over time, whereas a metal housing will not. Also, since plastic is weaker than metal, any screws used to fasten the sign are at risk of becoming loose sooner too. While a higher grade of materials may cost more upfront, the sign’s durability will make up for it in a longer lifespan.

Ensure Installation Safety with Miami’s Leading Sign Company

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