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City and Government Signs

City and Government Signs in Miami, FL

Create a positive, comfortable experience at all city and government buildings and offices with the right high-quality indoor and outdoor signs. Accomplish this by choosing to work with a knowledgeable team that ensures your offices comply with ADA, OSHA, and health and safety requirements. Vibrant Sign Studio is a trusted team that crafts impactful signs that deliver value to businesses in Miami, FL, for years.

Enjoy competitive pricing and unbeatable value with every sign. Book a free consultation to discuss your needs with a local signage professional.


Brass Plaques

Convey a sense of solidity with attractive, durable brass plaques. Plaques are a standard feature for city and government buildings and serve as markers for landmarks, memorial sites, and important locations. Choose from an engraved, embossed, or laser-cut style to tailor the appearance of your signs to your preferred aesthetic.

Window Frosting

Enhance the privacy in your building or office with window frosting; this film can be installed on glass doors, partitions, windows, and mirrors to enhance decor, improve privacy, display branding, and reduce HVAC bills.

Name Plates

Display the name and designation of occupants on doors, tabletops, and entrances with custom nameplates. They are ideal for labelling rooms because they clearly identify occupants and make it easier for visitors to find their desired destination.

Office Signage

From lobby signs that display the department’s name to emergency exit signs, there is a wide range of signage that every office must have. Whether you’re looking to enhance the environment visitors experience or amplify your branding to build recognition, office signs can accomplish your goals. Browse and customize one of the largest selections of office signs in Miami, FL, at Vibrant Sign Studio.

Lobby Directories

Are visitors feeling lost when they visit your office? Lobby directories can identify rooms and occupants and guide visitors to the right place without any additional support. You can use lobby directories to display office listings, floor plans, contact information, and more.

State and Local Government Displays and Information

A first impression makes a significant difference on the rest of an interaction or future interactions, which is why city and government buildings need to appear professional, compliant with health and safety laws, and reliable. All necessary information should be displayed in a clear and concise manner, ensuring that citizens, staff, and visitors can find and understand it.

Work with knowledgeable signage professionals who understand how to fulfill your unique needs and carry out a successful signage project. Whether you are ordering a single sign or upgrading your entire signage system, we will make your journey seamless.

Signs for Government Offices

Government offices serve the public, which means that these spaces should prioritize the public’s understanding and accessibility of public information. In order to accomplish these goals, signage should be installed which clearly and effectively communicates with visitors, making their experience productive and enjoyable. Find and install high-quality signs that deliver the value you expect:

  • Restroom Signs – Ensure comfortable experiences for visitors, encourage good hygiene, and meet ADA requirements with bathroom signage.
  • Elevator Signs – Lead visitors to elevator lobbies with wall and ceiling-mounted elevator signs.
  • Floor Number Signs – Display floor numbers in elevator lobbies with vinyl lettering, metal letters, acrylic, and other signs.
  • Building Map Signs – Guide visitors around your office seamlessly with intuitive map signs.
  • Security Signs – Demarcate ‘Employee Only’, ‘You’re on Camera’, ‘Security Screening’, and other areas to inform and manage visitors.
  • Meeting Room Signs – Label meeting rooms clearly and decorate spaces tastefully with door signs, wall murals, and more.

Signs for Events

Brand and manage events effectively with the widest selection of event signage in the city. We design and print large format banners, booths, podium signs, backdrops, and more.

Signs for Vehicles

Display your department’s name, branding, DOT registration, and crucial contact information on vehicle wraps. We offer full and partial wraps, as well as vehicle lettering.

Work with a Trusted Miami Office Signage Company

Receive professional service, high-quality signs, and the value you expect when you work with Vibrant Sign Studio. We are proud to serve the community, as our team is passionate about delivering exceptional signage experiences.

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