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Illuminated Signage: Lighting Up Your Business After Dark

Illumunated Sign

Illuminated signs are an impactful signage solution that business can obtain for their storefront. Retail Focus highlights an interesting survey that says 1,000 people were asked what feature would attract their attention, and 64% said vibrant lighting.

If you’re a business that’s looking for effective, impactful ways to spruce up your storefront and attract more customers, it’s time to consider illuminated sign solutions. Luckily for you, Vibrant Sign Studio is always ready to take on a new signage project!

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Exploring the Importance of Lighted Signs for Businesses

Sign lighting offers a wide range of benefits, not least of which is 24/7 visibility. By illuminating your sign, you can promote your business’s presence around the clock. Moreover, an illuminated sign is a clear indicator for shoppers that your store is open for business.

Lighted signs also provide you the opportunity to grow brand awareness. You can use different lighting colors and effects to capture your brand accurately, while also enhancing nighttime visibility. For instance, LED signsareavailable in a wide range of lighting configurations and colors, meaning you can personalize them to your exact design specifications.

Lighting can improve safety too. An illuminated storefront sign eliminates shadow spots outside your store, reducing the chances of expected incidents for passersby or leaving patrons. Lighted indoor signs can improve visibility, too, potentially reducing tripping hazards.

Popular Illuminated Signs to Consider

Nowadays, most signs can be customized to include lighting, so there are countless options to choose from. Some of our most popular illuminated signs are:

  • Channel Letters – Large, individual letters with stunning lighting options.
  • Cabinet Signs – Classic and cost-effective storefront signs.
  • LED Neon Signs – Eye-catching signs that mimic the traditional neon look.
  • Digital Displays – Flexible signage options that allow you to display graphics, scrolling text, or videos.
  • Projected Signs – Project your business’s name and logo onto the sidewalk, offering a unique experience for passersby.

There are numerous other options to consider, which is why you should compare the benefits and visual appeal of each before finalizing your choice. Our full-service signage company can show you digital mock-ups of the sign, allowing you to visualize how each sign will look at your location.

Why LED Signs Have Changed the Signage Game

LED lighting has made sign lighting more cost-efficient, dependable, and accessible for businesses than ever before. The U.S. Department of Energy says LED lights are around 90% more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent lightbulbs. They are also around 25 times longer-lasting too. Businesses investing in LED signs can expect far lower costs in comparison to traditionally illuminated signs.

LED bulbs are available as flexible light strips, light bars, LED neon, and traditional bulbs. This diversity allows you to personalize the lighting effect and appearance of your sign. LEDs are also dimmable, allowing you to control the intensity of lighting based on the time of day or your needs at any given time.

Maintenance Tips for Lighted Signs

You may be wondering if there any special maintenance tips for LED lighted signs?

The easy answer is yes! Illuminated signs require a little bit of unique maintenance in comparison to an unilluminated sign, but only because there is the chance that bulbs may need to be replaced many years down the road.

When doing any sign maintenance, check for signs of water damage to reduce the risk of short circuits and/or personal injury. If you notice the lights in your sign are flickering or turn off intermittently, it could indicate loose wiring. Do not attempt to correct it yourself! Turn off the sign and call our sign company to inspect and remediate the issue.

Spotlight Your Brand with Stunning Signs

Vibrant Sign Studio is the go-to partner for illuminated signs in Miami. We help retailers, corporate offices, hospitals, and numerous other businesses increase their nighttime visibility and enhance their curb appeal. Book a free consultation to discuss your needs with a signage expert today.

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